Papaver Orientalis Louvre
Oriental Poppies are one of the most loved perennial plants in the world, offering huge blousy blooms of color in the early spring months before much of the garden has got growing. They are easy to grow, will appear year after year, and come in a fantastic range of hues and variations to fill your garden with.

If you're thinking of getting some Oriental poppies then have a look around, check out our blog posts and articles for a little bit of inspiration, and engage yourself in this wonderful world. You can buy poppy seeds online choosing from an enormous range of plants perfect for your needs. And once you have one plant, your love for Oriental poppies is sure to grow.

The world of poppies is a large one, with a huge range in the species and types of this wonderful plant available for your garden. An extravagant number of annual poppies exist that you can fill your garden with to add vibrant seasonal color. However, if you want to enjoy poppies year after year without the extra effort of sowing and growing new plants every season, then the beautiful Oriental poppy family is for you.

An herbaceous plant, Papaver orientalis is a great variety of perennial poppy which will grow in your garden year after year. Situated in a sunny spot it seemingly bursts out of nothing in the early spring to offer a thriving and flourishing plant to borders. After initial soft green feathery leaves appear, the warmer weather will quickly stimulate quick growth, with multiple flower stems rising three or four foot into the air. Topped with a single bud, these flowers are extremely decadent and eye catching, with large petals and contrasting pollen granules easily making a stunning feature in any garden. And with the soft petals easily rustling in the breeze flowers seem to dance lightly above flowerbeds.

While they may not be quite as versatile as many other poppy species, Papaver orientalis poppies make an incredible addition to any flower border. Their size means that they cannot be used in hanging baskets, window boxes, or small pots. However, if you're garden incorporates large box or raised planters instead of the traditional herbaceous border, then the Oriental poppy would still be ideal for using.

Oriental poppies come in a range of colors, from gorgeous hues of pink and whites to vivid and intense reds and oranges. Louvre offers petals which have a very subtle pink blush, while Queen Alexandra has sturdy bright salmon pink flowers. For a more intense splash of color you could opt for some of the more vivid variations including the red Beauty of Livermere or deep purple Patty's Plum. Using plants of a single color, or opting to create a collage of different varieties works equally well, and if you really want stunning spring plants to fill your garden then Oriental poppies will really create an incredible early display.

In addition to their beautiful flowers, Papaver orientalis plants are very easy to care for once grown and are relatively easy to grow from seeds. They will need a little extra care and attention when they are seedlings and are best grown in pots for this reason. This means that you can look after them as they grow, ensuring that they have all the nutrients and light that they need to grow into strong, sturdy plants. After planting maturing specimens into the garden, foliage should be cut back immediately after flowering allowing individuals to create new leaves which will collect energy to store for the following season. And by putting a little extra effort into growing these stunning plants you will create a spring garden of poppy flowers like you've never seen before.

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